BG Suits offers individually tailored shirts made from the highest quality fabrics, which ensures that any man regardless of his body type can wear a shirt that compliments his body and has been made in a design he has chosen. The fabric of the classical shirts consists of 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and silk that reduces creasing. We offer linen fabrics for summer shirts. BG Suits offers a range of over 1000 different fabrics to choose from (we stock monochromatic, chequered, etc. designs). The fabrics we offer differ by the width of thread and pattern.


We can tailor your perfect shirt from materials of different colours and customise it by embroidering your initials as well as adapting the colour of buttons and buttonholes to your needs.


BG Suits offers three price categories for shirts. Tailoring costs depend on the fabric you choose regardless of the design of the shirt or size.


  1. category 2. category 3. category
Shirt 105,00 € 135,00 € 150,00 €