BG Suits offers custom-made shoes from the highest quality leather. They are made from 100% highest quality leather that is specially tailored to the outer layer and lining, which is in contact with your feet. The soles are made from natural leather, but we also offer adding a layer of rubber. The shoes of BG Suits are handmade by the best craftsmen in Latvia.


The shoes are custom fit to your size and nuances of the arching of your feet, as well as wearing habits. These shoes will be comfortable as they are custom-made for your feet.


BG Suits offers four seasonal shoe models (classic, brogue, oxford and loafer) and two boot models (brogue boots and chelsea boots) and the design can be further customised with various colours of leather and types of soles.


BG Classic BG Brogue BG Oxford BG Loafer BG Brogue Boots BG Chelsea Boots
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