BG Suits employs only the most experienced high-class tailors that specialise in designing suits and can combine the best classic traditions with modern innovations in their suits. BG Suits clothes are tailored to your body and your wishes and nuances of your body type are taken into account. World-class materials are also used for the lining of jackets — this guarantees that it will look great in the long term. Classic suits consists of wool, cashmere and silk. We also offer suits made from cotton, linen and velvet. Lining is done in pure silk. BG Suits can tailor any classical design jackets and pants, as well as various waistcoats. We choose the most appropriate design for your body type based on your needs and suggestions of our experts. Each suit is customised by embroidering the initials of the client. Upon your request, we may tailor buttonholes in a different colour, customise button colour as well as insert custom seams in silk or any other fabric in a custom shade. This allows you to personalise your suit even more.


BG Suits offer suits of five price categories. Suit costs does not depend on your size or the model you have chosen, they depend on the fabric.


We recommend choosing Class 1 or Class 2 fabrics for everyday suits.

The fabrics of these categories contain less cashmere, making them more durable and wearable in everyday situations.


We recommend choosing Class 3 and Class 4 fabrics to men who intend to wear the suit in everyday situations as well as some formal events.

The fabrics of these classes contain 25% cashmere that makes the fabrics more flowing and elegant.


BG Suits recommends that you choose fabrics from Class 5 if you do not intend to wear the suit in everyday situations. They contain roughly 40% cashmere that makes these fabrics very formal, flowing and fine.


Please do not hesitate to call or write us if you have any further questions.


  1. category 2. category 3. category 4. category 5. category BESPOKE
Two piece suit (jacket and pants) 600,00 € 700,00 € 850,00 € 950,00 € 1150,00 € 2000,00 €
Three piece suit (jacket, pants and vest) 700,00 € 850,00 € 1000,00 € 1200,00 € 1400,00 € 2300,00 €
Jacket 360,00 € 420,00 € 510,00 € 570,00 € 690,00 €  
Pants 240,00 € 280,00 € 340,00 € 380,00 € 460,00 €  
Vest 130,00 € 160,00 € 195,00 € 255,00 € 290,00 €