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3-Piece Blue Suit, Drapers


Blue Drapers suit with a single-breasted 2-button jacket and a matching vest with a silk back, tailored for the BG Suits Gentleman, made from the highest quality wool.

After purchasing a ready-to-wear suit from us, you can schedule an appointment with our tailors in order to perfect it specifically for your body.

The model in the picture is 1,84cm (6,04 feet) tall and is wearing a size 50 suit.

Where the Italian craftsmanship meets sartorial mastery - Drapers. An esteemed brand that has been redefining men's suit fabrics since its inception in 1956. With a rich heritage rooted in Italian tailoring traditions, Drapers has become a symbol of unrivaled excellence, precision, and timeless elegance.

Drapers' fabrics are the epitome of Italian artistry. Each fabric is meticulously crafted, reflecting the brand's commitment to exceptional quality and attention to detail. From sumptuous wools to luxurious silks and sophisticated blends, Drapers' collection embodies the essence of Italian refinement, offering a range of materials that cater to the discerning tastes of the modern gentleman.

Since its establishment, Drapers has continuously honed its expertise in the art of men's suit fabrics. With a deep understanding of the interplay between comfort, style, and durability, Drapers ensures that each fabric excels in every aspect. Whether it's the exquisite drape, the soft touch against the skin, or the impeccable finish, Drapers' fabrics are designed to enhance your confidence and elevate your presence.

Embracing the timeless traditions of Italian tailoring, Drapers combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Their fabrics reflect a harmonious fusion of classic elegance and contemporary sensibilities. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and design techniques, Drapers continuously pushes the boundaries of men's suiting, creating fabrics that stand the test of time while capturing the essence of modern style.

When you wear a suit crafted from Drapers' fabrics, you embrace a legacy of Italian elegance and sophistication. Each fabric is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence, reflecting the precision and dedication of their skilled artisans. Drapers' fabrics allow you to exude confidence, ensuring that you make a lasting impression in any setting.

3-Piece Blue Suit, Drapers