Ready-made products


BG Suits offers ready-made suits that can be purchased on site BG Suits salon (Ģertrūdes street 20, Rīga), as well as in the online store. When buying a suit in the salon, it can be adjusted to the customer's body size. Our tailors will make the adjustments for the ready-made suit in one day so that if necessary, you can receive the product as soon as possible.


Breathable and lightweight shirts made of natural wool, cotton and linen fabrics.
The shirts are available in a variety of materials and in a variety of shades with the ability to adjust to the client's body measurements.


BG Suits offers great winter coats with extra insulated lining. Coats are made of high-quality wool or cashmere fabrics. Both half-length coats and short coats are available. Upon arrival in the salon, it is possible to additionally adjust them to the client's body. The coats offered by BG Suits fit both classic style and leisure style clothes.


BG Suits offers high quality merino wool sweaters - one of the wonders of nature, which has thermo-regulating properties! The source of the unique fiber of merino wool is merino sheep wool, which is able to adapt to any season. The sweaters we offer are very soft and pleasant for the skin, which will serve well both in summer and winter. Sweaters are available in several shades and sizes. We invite everyone to try out this unique product!


BG SUITS offers Portuguese made, high quality shoes made of high-quality leather that are comfortable to wear and easy to care for. Technology of Goodyear has been used in making these shoes, which makes the sole of the shoe durable. Both winter ankle boots and shoes are available in the salon for everyday wear in autumn / spring and summer seasons. Shoes are available with both leather sole and with a rubber sole.


The perfect gift for any man will be the BG Suits gift card. The design of the gift card is exclusive and elegant - it is made of metal and packed in a tasteful gift box. Everyone can combine the denomination of the gift card they want. The minimum nominal value of the gift card is 100 EUR;


The BG Suits range includes mercerized cotton socks made in Latvia, which are available in six different shades, each customer's preferences.


BG Suits offers a collection of cufflinks, which is an elegant accessory for a cufflinks shirt. The collection includes cufflinks in both silver and yellow or red gold.


We have supplemented the range of BG Suits with lambskin gloves made in Italy. Gloves made of genuine lamb leather with warm lining. The gloves are available in several colors ranging from classic tones up to a little bolder, such as burgundy, orange.


A tie pattern is a matter of taste, but the status or position of the person must be taken into account.


One of the accessories of men's classic clothing is jacket handkerchiefs. Adding a handkerchief to the suit, you give the overall image an even more elegant look. This is a great addition to the suit for those who do not choose to wear a tie on a daily basis.

Bow ties

BG Suits, in collaboration with Penelope’s bow ties, offers a wide range of fabrics and colours, tieable as well as classic type everyday bow ties. Each bow tie is handmade to which a special attention and precision is dedicated.