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Luxury Menswear

Custom tailored suits & Luxury Menswear

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Custom tailoring

Red-carpet worthy suit or custom garments anywhere you go. We ensure you always look your confident and comfortable best. Whether it’s a celebration, a formal occasion, or going to a business meeting – we’ll help you show up in style.

Wedding suits

We’ll help you look your best on your big day. Our one-on-one styling sessions ensure you find the perfect suit colour, style, and fit to match the theme, wedding dress and your unique personality.

Gentleman's wardrobe

It takes as little as 0.1 seconds for a stranger to form a first impression about you. We help you control that impression. As style consultants, we create, coordinate, curate, and maintain your wardrobe (including alterations and repairs).

Suits for women

Our bespoke ladies tailoring is designed for women of style and substance, who appreciate the finest craftsmanship, individuality, and attention to detail. Whether you're a professional looking for brilliant business wear, or you want something unique for special occasions, we understand the power and prowess of perfectly tailored women's business suit.

Suits for kids

Matching style at its best. Craft a picture-worthy memorable suit or bomber suit for you and your kid. Additional fabric allowances in the sleeves, sides, waist, seat and cuff areas allows the boy to continue to grow without outgrowing the suit. Custom suit will last three to four times longer than an average boy’s off-the-rack suit.

Custom made shirts

Your shirt, your way.
Alterations and personalization: adjust the length of shirt and sleeve and make any of these shirts your own by choosing collar, cuff and monogram.

Casual clothing

Be the best dressed man in the room anytime, anywhere. Our selection of finest garments and accessories can provide you not only with best suit but also with Bomber suits, chino pants, blazers, polo shirts and much more, to cover all of your sartorial needs.

Finest fabrics

The finest selection of fabrics and menswear available

Why choose bg suits?

Quality and excellence in every stitch
Custom approach allows you to personalize and customize your suit to your own preferences with assistance from our expert stylists to create an exceptional suit to match your style and personality.
Finest materials
Extensive range of 1000’s of fabric options to ensure you get the colour and pattern you truly want. We carry Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dugdale Bros & Co, Bateman Ogden, Drago and Reda 1865 and more.
Custom tailoring
The single most important factor in looking good is the fit. Our expert stylists take up to 30 measurements to guarantee a perfect fit for you.
Service & Maintenance
We provide alteration and maintenance services exclusively for menswear and shoes purchased at BG Suits. This includes refitting options to ensure perfect fit in case of customers changing body shape.

Tailored process

Through our detailed tailoring process, we take the time to understand your requirements and craft a truly custom piece fitted perfectly to you.

1. Initial consultation

Our stylists will discuss the type of garment you’re looking for and the options available to you with timelines and present you with pricing options.

2. Select your fabric

You will be guided through our comprehensive selection of worlds best fabrics, such as Loro Piana, Scabal, Ariston, Holland&Sherry and many others to find the right colour and pattern for your occasion.

3. Style your garment

We delve into the finer details such as custom buttons, lapel shape, and custom text stitching as we design your garment to match your unique style and preferences.

4. Get measured

Our experienced stylist will assess posture, shoulder slope and note any nuances in your body shape to ensure a precise fit.

5. Creation of the suit

After getting all of the necessary information and measurements our tailors start crafting your unique suit. It takes 5 weeks to make it, but in urgent cases there is express service to have the suit done in 3 weeks or just 1.5 weeks.

6. Fitting

Once your garment is ready, you will be notified to visit for a first fitting. The first fitting gives you a taste of the finished product, a feel for the fabric movement, and allows for adjustments to the fit.

7. Receive your custom made suit

Visit our salon once the suit is ready and get some final recommendations and tips from our tailor.

About us

BG Suits is a gentlemen's world, which creates and offers classical style clothing. We offer custom-made clothing that are sewn from the highest quality, world-wide known English and Italian brand fabrics like Holland & Sherry, Dugdale Bros & Co, Bateman Ogden, Loro Piana, Drago and Reda 1865. In our salon, customers have the opportunity not only to buy custom-made clothes, but also ready-made clothes: suits, shirts, winter and autumn coats, shoes, polo shirts, merino wool sweaters as well as classic style accessories.

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Every suit is different and made to reflect uniqueness of it’s wearer or the occasion, therefore precise price can be only provided during a free consultation. For your convenience here you can see approximate pricing for a suit, based on the selection of fabrics.

To see prices for other menswear items, such as shirt, coats, shoes, etc, we advise looking into our expanded pricing list.


Baltic’s most trusted custom tailor for gentleman.
Žoržs Siksna bilde
It used to be very difficult to get good suits. I'm happy that there's finally a place in Riga where you can make quality suits and you don't have to go to Milan to buy them. I definitely recommend all men to try this great experience with BG Suits at least once!
Žoržs Siksna
Legend of the Latvian music scene
Artis Mežgailis advokāts
Many good things in life happen by chance. So too was meeting BG suits. While visiting a colleague at his law office, I accidentally walked into BG suits. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of suits and the quality of the fabrics. BG suits does not need advertising. Every gentleman should have at least a few BG suits in his wardrobe.
Artis Mežgailis
Attorney at law
Ivars Toroni atsauksme
The saying "A man of his word" describes a true gentleman, and these words are a relatively accurate description of BG Suits, of which I have been a customer for several years.
Ivars Toroni
Owner and CEO of "Lucky 13" brand
Bertāns Atsauksme
Thank you BG Suits for being the best dressed team in FIBA World Cup history. The large, varied and high quality range of tailor-made suits was the reason why our suits were from BG Suits.
Dāvis Bertāns
Latvian National Basketball Player
Raimons Vējonis atsauksme
The Latvian Basketball Association and I are proud of our national team for not only defending our colours honourably at the World Cup but also outshining major nations with our elegance. I'm pleased that Latvia's suit makers provided us with beautiful tailor-made suits swiftly!
Raimonds Vējonis
President of the Latvian Basketball Union
BG Suits portfolio klients
High quality clothes, perfect sales service, professional tailors are just some of the factors why, little by little, but irrevocably, the clothes offered by BG Suits are occupying an ever-increasing place in my wardrobe. I am pleased to be one of the trusted customers of BG Suits.
Edgars Atlācis
Attorney at Law
BG Suits portfolio klients
My choice was determined by several factors, but the first was the decisive one - my wife told me to! :) I had also heard good reviews, so our choice fell on BG Suits! As far as I know, BG Suits is a Latvian company and you have to support your own! The result did not disappoint, BG Suits are the best suits in Latvia!
Rihards Lomažs
Latvian National Basketball Player
BG Suits portfolio klients
BG Suits is my go-to tailor! I discovered a completely different world when I sewed my first custom tailored suit, the feeling in terms of comfort is equal to the feeling, when I'm wearing a tracksuit - comfortable, cool and there's no discomfort at all. I have already sewn three suits for myself and a bunch of other everyday clothes.
Kristaps Zutis
Zutis from Sabile

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