Year 2021

January - BG Suits begins an ambitious cooperation with tailors from the United Kingdom. With this cooperation, an opportunity opened for our company to offer our client world-class branded fabrics - Holland & Sherry, Dugdale Bros & Co, Bateman Ogden, Drago and Reda 1865.

Year 2020

December - BG Suits replenish their clothing variety with something exclusive- the collection of merino wool T-shirts.

merino wool

March - BG suits has the honor to announce that for the first time in Latvia, the cooperation has began with Portuguese footwear brand Carlos Santos. More about footwear here:

carlos santos

February - We have begun a new cooperation with Italian leather gloves producers and we can offer our clients great leather gloves. More about leather gloves here:


November, year 2019

The long awaited and established BG Suits salon – Ģertrūdes Street 20, Rīga starts working. Pictures from the salon’s opening event:

salon opening

The client services process are transferred to the new premises, as well as the main tailors operate in new premises, accept customers, perform customer fittings and suit making processes.

Salon offers finished production- suits, shirts, winter and autumn coats, footwear, polo shirts, merino wool sweaters with high and low collar, ties, bow ties as well as classic style accessories.


Also, customers can still order individually made products. More about products here:

learn more

Year 2016 - year 2019

The Company hires several of the best Latvian tailors and ensures that the suits are adapted to the size of customers in Latvia. Over time, suits are already made in Latvia and only suit fabrics, materials and blanks are sent from abroad.

Cooperation with Latvian footwear manufacturers is started and it is offered to make individually made footwear to client’s sizes;

Other new products are also being introduced such as cufflinks, shorts, polo shirts, ties;

Gentlemen’s evenings are regularly organised, where our clients take part and presentations of various goods and services happen. Our clients have an opportunity to listen while enjoying great cigars and whiskeys in the background. More about events here:


Year 2014 - year 2016

Establishing a partnership with one of the leading clothing companies in Thailand.

Initially it was offered to sew only suits, shirts and coats;

Every three months, a tailor from Thailand flew to Latvia, who removed the client's body measurements and took suit orders to fly back to Thailand and already make suits together with his team of tailors. The suits were delivered to clients in Latvia and here on site. were adjusted to customer preferences.

The studio is located at 28 Blaumaņa Street, in large and beautiful premises, where customers are received and their orders are placed.

Once a year a grand event is organized - Gentleman's Day. Which is organized in honor of the company's birthday and which brings together Latvian gentlemen and invites luxury goods and services providers. More about the event here:



BG suits is employing industry professionals who love what they do and are able to provide both- the highest standards of customer service and the creation of the highest quality clothing. The goal of our team is to provide customers with a level of service that each client, receiving a service, would like to recommend us further to their relatives, best friends, colleagues and business partners. Each nuance forms the whole picture! To make you look good - that’s something we know how to do!



  • Duties:
    He is making men’s suits, by creating their style and re-creating each suit from new;
  • Experience:
    He started his career development in becoming one of the best Latvian tailors already in Soviet times, when he worked for “Rīgas Modes” as a seamstress and developed his skills working along best specialists. After that, he opened a private practice where he created many different high- class clothes.
  • Motto:
    A supporter of constructive values, everything must be analyzed down to the smallest detail.



  • Duties:
    Engages in maintaining high standard of customer service, responsible for quality control and all types of activities related to the sales process;
  • Experience:
    He has acquired his skills in coordinating processes in previous jobs where high responsibility for things came first;
  • Motto:
    You are not born a gentleman you become one by purposely going to the result.



  • Duties:
    Makes men’s suits.
  • Experience:
    She began his career development in 1993, when she started working in a studio as a tailor who made individual men’s and women's clothing. Made countless high-end clothes during her career and borrowed sophisticated trends from the world’s classical fashion.
  • Motto:
    Pedant in her work- line by line, box by box.



  • Duties:
    At BG Suits, responsible for maintaining high standards of customer service and creation of new seasonal collections and all social networks of the company;
  • Experience:
    Many years of professional experience and work with more experienced colleagues from Riga and Berlin. Reading various literature on a professional topic, as well as hundreds of clients who had a chance to serve, give a clear confidence in my job;
  • Motto:
    If you want to successfully sale yourself, first make sure you know what you are selling!