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Our history


What started as a family vacation abroad, quickly grew into a partnership with one of the leading clothing companies in Thailand.

Every three months, a tailor from Thailand flew to Latvia in order to take the client's body measurements and collect suit, coat or shirt orders after which he flew back to Thailand to start creating them together with his team of tailors. The products were then delivered to clients in Latvia and adjusted to customer preferences on site.

The studio was initially located at Riga, Blaumaņa Street, in a large and beautiful penthouse apartment, where customers placed and received their orders by an individual appointment.


Several of the best Latvian tailors join the BG Suits team to ensure that the suits are perfectly adapted to its owners in Latvia

At this point, the measurements are already taken by specialists in Latvia and only the fabrics, materials and blanks are imported from abroad, creating more convenient and faster delivery terms.

Cooperation with Latvian footwear manufacturers has been settled and we start to offer individually made footwear.

Other new products are also being introduced such as cufflinks, shorts, polo shirts, ties, etc.


The long awaited, new BG Suits salon – Ģertrūdes Street 20, Riga, opens its doors to the public.

Salon offers a wide range of ready-to-wear production such as suits, shirts, winter and autumn coats, footwear, polo shirts, merino wool sweaters, ties, bow ties, classic style accessories, etc.

The individual tailoring process is taken to the next level by implementing new technologies, additional employees and partners.


BG Suits begins an ambitious cooperation with tailors from the United Kingdom, offering world-renowned fabrics, such as Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dugdale Bros & Co, Bateman Ogden, Drago and Reda 1865.

In addition to this, BG Suits was proud to be the first in Latvia to offer footwear from the renowned Portuguese brand, Carlos Santos. With a range of stock available in the salon, as well as the option to order from their catalogue, our customers have access to some of the finest footwear around.

Also, to complement our already extensive range of offerings, BG Suits also added an exclusive collection of merino wool T-shirts and hand-made Italian leather gloves.


BG suits celebrates 10 year anniversary in collaboration
with Porsche inviting over 160 gentlemen and close friends, for a fashion show, showcasing new collection and announcing a new product line: custom suits for women.


BG Suits has become one of the most well-known and trusted Gentlemen's destinations in search for the perfect apparel whether its for a special event, work or simply for a more comfortable daily routine.

Every year brings new cooperations, opportunities and therefore a wider range of products to offer for our clients and each year we get closer to our goal of providing our Gentlemen with a place that offers everything they need in terms of their wardrobe.

BG Suits events

We organise events for our clients and business partners on topics and themes relevant to modern gentlemen.
Once a year every client and partner is invited to our exclusive, invite only, birthday event which is a largest gathering of gentlemen in all Baltics, to enjoy best food, finest drinks, great music, performances and amazing company.

Our team

Nauris Liepiņš

Head of Sales at BG Suits
I love what I do and I enjoy my work. In order for the customers to be satisfied and everything to turn out perfect, I believe that you must first do your work from the heart! My golden or ideal service rule is - "while doing your job, take care of the customer as you would like to be taken care of yourself." As they say, there is no arguing about taste, but in my position it is an integral and very important added value. Usually, I don't try to impose my opinion on people, but if I feel that the client is "riding in the oats" with his choice, I will definitely present all the risks, which are most often made by the client because of their unawareness! I will wait for you to visit!

Surhans Zeinalovs

Creative Director of BG Suits
I have seven years of experience in custom tailoring for men. Under the influence of my relatively young age, I try to approach the choice of clothing style creatively and with taste. In this way, more than 1,000 satisfied customers have already received their individually tailored suits or other clothes created by BG Suits, which with their originality, not only please their own hearts, but also the eyes of the people around them, at the same time giving an additional feeling of celebration every day they are worn.

Edgars Trukšāns

BG Suits Master Tailor
I have devoted all my life to tailoring. The saying "He knows clothes" - in its most literal sense can be said about me. :) Initially, I was a tailor's apprentice in the prestigious "Riga Fashion" atelier of the Soviet Union, gradually becoming a tailor and taking over the baton of the old masters, I began to serve my customers from A to Z myself. I have worked as a pattern maker as well as a clothing designer, which opened up opportunities for me to understand all stages of menswear creation. Among the clients were also high-ranking officials, who, being young, gave me excellent experience, responsibility and temper. In general, I have been in the field of tailoring for most of my life - more than 40 years, which is, of course, a considerable period. I have experienced a series of evolutions in menswear fabrics, styles and fashions in my life, and I have been able to adapt over time. Over the years, customer understanding is based on half-words, and the joy of doing one's work comes from customer compliments on the work done.

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