Ready-made suits that can be purchased on site at BG Suits salon. When buying a suit in the salon, it can be adjusted to the customer's body size. Our tailors will make the adjustments for the ready-made suit in one day so that if necessary, you can receive the product as soon as possible.
Ready-to-wear business suits prices start from 1100€.
Black tuxedo price is 1209€.
Ready-to-wear seasonal suits from premium fabrics such as Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, etc. are 1857€. 


Breathable and lightweight shirts made of natural wool, cotton and linen fabrics.
The shirts are available in a variety of materials and in a variety of shades with the ability to adjust to the client's body measurements.
Ready-to-wear classic white, blue or champagne color shirts are priced at 219€.
Ready-to-wear casual shirts from premium fabrics with elastane are 372€. 


Our ready-to-wear coats are tailored from the highest quality fabrics produced by brands such as Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Drago, Bateman & Ogden, etc. Mainly, the composition of fabrics consists of wool and cashmere. Each coat is only available in between one to five pieces, which allows us to provide our customers not only with quality, but also with exclusivity.
In the ready-made collection, we have only premium quality coats from Loro Piana fabrics. And the price for one coat is 1857€.


Merino wool sweaters are very light, warming, and antibacterial. They surpass natural silk in terms of softness and exceed cotton in elasticity by 5 times. Choose the color, best fit collar type and style that suits your character.
Long-sleeve merino wool sweater price is 156€.
Merino wool T-Shirt price is 138€. 


Shoes and shoe care products
Our classic footwear collection is a statement of elegance and style. Simple and clean or sophisticated and keen, choose the shoes for the occasion from 13 different styles available in 12 colors, handcrafted entirely of calf leather in Portugal by Carlos Santos.
Best shoes deserve the best maintenance with our Saphir Medaille D’ior shoe care product selection.
Informal shoes are priced at 336€.
Formal Shoes are priced at 381€.
Winter Boots are priced at 435€.


Mercerized cotton is a premium type of cotton that undergoes a unique treatment process, resulting in a stronger, shinier, and long-lasting fabric, providing you with the ultimate comfort all day long. Finished off with a beautiful BG Suits logo, these socks will be the perfect complement to your outfit. Our selection also features worlds best Falke brand socks both long and “no-show” socks.
Classic socks by Falke are 18€.
Invisible socks by Falke are 11€. 


Cufflinks are the perfect accessory that undeniably show status and enriches the look of a shirt and the overall view of the Gentleman. Our jewelry is made by highly qualified craftsmen, designed with innovation, professionalism, and a truly distinctive character, to be an excellent addition to your look.
Classic cufflinks by Tatteosian are 165€.
Premium cufflinks by Tatteosian are starting from 264€.

Winter accessories

Using traditional tools and techniques, our winter accessories are handmade in Italy with the perfect combination of the finest materials, the latest fashions, and the utmost craftsmanship. This selection features gloves, scarfs and winter hats. Using natural materials, our winter accessories are purposely crafted to provide comfort, warmth, and breathability as the weather gets colder.
Winter accessories such as cashmere scarfs, leather gloves, socks, hats, etc. are from 39€ to 129€.


Made from luxurious silk fabric, our ties exude elegance and add a touch of refinement to any outfit as an epitome of sophistication and style. The smooth, soft texture of silk creates a beautiful drape that enhances the overall appearance of the tie.
Classic or casual, 100% silk ties are 75€. 

Bow ties

The perfect accessory for any formal occasion or a stylish night out. Our bow ties are made from premium 100% silk that exudes elegance and quality. With a range of colors and patterns to choose from, you'll easily find the perfect bow tie to complement any outfit.
Classic or casual, bow ties are 75€.


Handcrafted out of cow lining, our precious leather belts are with hand-painted anilines, nickel-free buckles, and adjustable holes. They are classic and irreplaceable, representing something of a hallmark for formal wear.
Leather belts, in 12 different colors are priced at 111€.


The Il Marchesato umbrellas have taken the world for their elegance and originality, using precious Italian materials, they are hand-made with the best Jacquard fabrics or double fine Italian satin and embellished with exclusive hand-painted, gold-plated 24K or silver-plated 925 handles. These umbrellas will make you wish it was raining.
We have different colors and styles of Il Marchesato umbrellas from Italy. Prices are from 185€ to 365€.


Inspired by the iconic headwear worn by the infamous Birmingham gang, these hats are the perfect addition to any outfit. Each cap is handmade by proficient artisans in Latvia, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. Made from tweed or cotton, we have an option for both warm and chilly days.
100% wool or tweed hats are 129€.


Elevate your style with our sleek and sophisticated men's braces. Crafted with attention to detail, these accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether you're dressing up for a formal occasion or looking to add a touch of class to your everyday attire, our premium braces provide both functionality and flair. With adjustable straps and secure clasps, they offer a comfortable and secure fit.
Albert Thurston handmade braces for the buttons on pants are 129€.

Gentleman's grooming

Gels, shampoos, soap, hair styling, and shaving essentials. Finest selection handpicked by our tailor from our trusted partner Truefitt&Hill
Truefitt and Hill mens grooming products such as Cologne, Shaving Cream, Soaps, Aftershave Balm and e.t.c. are from 25€ to 125€.

Premium daily garments

Game of golf? Going hunting in style or just enjoying the weekend? BG suits can take care of all occasions with our large selection of daily garments such as chinos, hunters jackets, polo shirts, sweaters and anything else that a gentlemen might need for his time off.
Chinos Trousers, Polo Shirts, Casual Suits and other garments and accessories for your casual style are from 111€ to 1850€.

Bomber Suits

Our custom-made bomber suits blend traditional tailoring with modern flair. Made from premium fabrics, they offer a flattering fit and unmatched comfort. Our bomber suits are not just garments—they're expressions of sophistication making a bold statement.
Ready-Made bomber suits are from 695€ to 950€.

Polo Shirts

Combine casual elegance with supreme comfort. Crafted from highest-quality fabrics, and coming in different colors, they are ideal for any occasion. Pair with chinos, jeans, or a blazer to elevate your look.
Ready-Made polo shirts from Ariston premium fabrics are 275€.

Why choose bg suits?

Quality and excellence in every stitch
Custom approach allows you to personalize and customize your suit to your own preferences with assistance from our expert stylists to create an exceptional suit to match your style and personality.
Finest materials
Extensive range of 1000’s of fabric options to ensure you get the colour and pattern you truly want. We carry Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dugdale Bros & Co, Bateman Ogden, Drago and Reda 1865 and more.
Custom tailoring
The single most important factor in looking good is the fit. Our expert stylists take up to 30 measurements to guarantee a perfect fit for you.
Service & Maintenance
We provide alteration and maintenance services exclusively for menswear and shoes purchased at BG Suits. This includes refitting options to ensure perfect fit in case of customers changing body shape.


Baltic’s most trusted bespoke and made-to-measure tailor.
Žoržs Siksna bilde
It used to be very difficult to get good suits. I'm happy that there's finally a place in Riga where you can make quality suits and you don't have to go to Milan to buy them. I definitely recommend all men to try this great experience with BG Suits at least once!
Žoržs Siksna
Legend of the Latvian music scene
Artis Mežgailis advokāts
Many good things in life happen by chance. So too was meeting BG suits. While visiting a colleague at his law office, I accidentally walked into BG suits. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of suits and the quality of the fabrics. BG suits does not need advertising. Every gentleman should have at least a few BG suits in his wardrobe.
Artis Mežgailis
Attorney at law
Ivars Toroni atsauksme
The saying "A man of his word" describes a true gentleman, and these words are a relatively accurate description of BG Suits, of which I have been a customer for several years.
Ivars Toroni
Owner and CEO of "Lucky 13" brand
Bertāns Atsauksme
Thank you BG Suits for being the best dressed team in FIBA World Cup history. The large, varied and high quality range of tailor-made suits was the reason why our suits were from BG Suits.
Dāvis Bertāns
Latvian National Basketball Player
Raimons Vējonis atsauksme
The Latvian Basketball Association and I are proud of our national team for not only defending our colours honourably at the World Cup but also outshining major nations with our elegance. I'm pleased that Latvia's suit makers provided us with beautiful tailor-made suits swiftly!
Raimonds Vējonis
President of the Latvian Basketball Union
BG Suits portfolio klients
High quality clothes, perfect sales service, professional tailors are just some of the factors why, little by little, but irrevocably, the clothes offered by BG Suits are occupying an ever-increasing place in my wardrobe. I am pleased to be one of the trusted customers of BG Suits.
Edgars Atlācis
Attorney at Law
BG Suits portfolio klients
My choice was determined by several factors, but the first was the decisive one - my wife told me to! :) I had also heard good reviews, so our choice fell on BG Suits! As far as I know, BG Suits is a Latvian company and you have to support your own! The result did not disappoint, BG Suits are the best suits in Latvia!
Rihards Lomažs
Latvian National Basketball Player
BG Suits portfolio klients
BG Suits is my go-to tailor! I discovered a completely different world when I sewed my first custom tailored suit, the feeling in terms of comfort is equal to the feeling, when I'm wearing a tracksuit - comfortable, cool and there's no discomfort at all. I have already sewn three suits for myself and a bunch of other everyday clothes.
Kristaps Zutis
Zutis from Sabile

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